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The National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) builds bridges between key stakeholder groups – government and industry; industry stalwarts and startups; and civilian and military suppliers and users – to deliver two essential outcomes:
1) breakthroughs in spectrum- and spectrum-dependent capabilities; and
2) policy and regulatory insights to enhance, inform and sustain U.S. technical leadership.

Your organization may benefit from membership if you are interested in:

  • Enhancing America’s economic and military advantage

  • Collaborating with senior government officials to help shape requirements for electromagnetic spectrum sharing and maneuver, and the ecosystem around 5G and beyond

  • Conducting R&D and delivering prototypes

  • Engaging with leaders from industry, academia, and government

  • Providing technical input to policy, regulations, and standards bodies

Your Government team may benefit from engaging the NSC if you are interested in:

  • Efficiently understanding the state-of-the-art in key technology areas, to inform higher-quality requirements and concepts
  • Getting solutions to the warfighter faster on a vehicle that allows for rapid obligation, risk reduction through prototyping, and non-competitive production awards for successful solutions

  • Gaining access to the expertise and innovation in small businesses and/or businesses principally focused on commercial markets, rather than government

  • Getting technical insights from a unique pool of expertise on policy or regulatory issues

Government Engagement

Working with the National Spectrum Consortium comes in two basic forms: exchanging information and knowledge, and formal sponsorship of prototype projects. If you’re in either the Executive or Legislative branches and want to interact with the NSC, we are happy to serve as a resource. Member participation may vary depending on their other ongoing activities and/or interest in your specific topic, but we welcome the opportunity to support Government organizations’ engagement with Consortium members on technical or policy questions that fall within our areas of expertise.

If you have a specific capability need, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how our members can best support rapid delivery of an effective prototype.

NSC Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series episodes are informative interviews with NSC members discussing their innovations and future interests. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more videos!

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