Letter From the Chairman

Welcome to the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) website and thank you for your interest in the NSC. Our mission is to foster collaboration between Government and Industry and to identify, develop and demonstrate the enabling technologies needed to broaden Electromagnetic Spectrum use and broaden the military and commercial access to and use of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our membership includes a wide range of organizations from large businesses, small businesses, “non-traditional” government contractors, academic research institutions and not-for-profit organizations across the spectrum industry. Providing a unified voice for the spectrum industry and academia, we will continue to contribute top-notch electromagnetic technologies and solutions to our government customers, assist in spectrum relocation activities, and generate data to inform future spectrum policy decisions of satisfying vastly increasing demand for the use of electromagnetic spectrum(s).

Our collaboration is focused on four major activities:

  1. Maturing technologies that assist in improved electromagnetic spectrum awareness, sharing, and use
  2. Experimentation to better inform the optimal allocation of those technologies for both public and private objectives
  3. Demonstration of new technologies to increase trust among spectrum stakeholders
  4. Policy development to ensure technologies don't outpace the appropriate guidance for their best use

We have been working closely with our government customers to establish the best path forward to accomplish our goals and invite you to join us in this important conversation. So whether you are currently a member of the NSC or are contemplating membership, we hope that you will find this web site a useful resource. (More information on how to join the consortium can be found here)

We look forward to the future of the NSC and hope you can join us in working through the challenges and uses of the electromagnetic spectrum with our government customers.

Vanu Bose
Executive Committee Chairman and Founder


Allison MoodyLetter From the Chairman