Dr. Vanu Bose Photo

Dr. Vanu Bose was an electrical engineer who built off of his doctoral work at MIT to invent the first FCC-certified Software Defined Radio. His company, Vanu, Inc., has gone on to create many other wireless breakthroughs that have enabled the emergence of new business models, all focused on expanding connectivity to underserved markets in affordable ways. His work reflected the man: Vanu was a scientist who was passionate about using technology to advance the greater good.

That passion was what led to his outreach to and eventual partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD) to create the National Spectrum Consortium. Vanu recognized that spectrum sharing was a national need, and that the DoD needed commercial expertise to provide the necessary innovations. He took the lead in bringing the NSC’s initial members together and served as the organization’s first Chair, all while continuing to advance his company’s mission.

Tragically, Vanu passed away suddenly in 2017. To honor the memory of our founder, in 2019 the NSC Executive Committee created the Dr. Vanu Bose Best Paper Awards. The first set of annual awards was made in November 2021; the NSC looks forward to continuing this award in future years.

To receive the Bose Best Paper Award, papers must be submitted to an IEEE forum, be authored by an employee of at least one NSC member, and address an electromagnetic spectrum-related topic.

2021 Bose Best Paper Award Winners

“Analysis of Time-Sensitive MANET Channel Allocation in Contested Environments”
Authors: Paul J. Nicholas (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory,), Karla L. Hoffman (George Mason University), Caleb P. Frey (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory,)

“Waveform Selection for Radar Tracking in Target Channels With Memory via Universal Learning”
Authors: Charles E. Thornton (Wireless at Virginia Tech), R. Michael Buehrer (Wireless at Virginia Tech), Anthony F. Martone (U.S Army Research Laboratory)

2022 Bose Best Paper Award Winner