How to Join

Having a robust membership that is ready to respond to government needs is key to our early success as a consortium. Fortunately, becoming a member of the National Spectrum Consortium is a fairly simple process.
The following step-by-step guide is provided for your convenience.

Membership Agreement and Application

Apply for NSC membership online by following the link below.

Articles of Collaboration

Review the latest version of the Articles of Collaboration along with Resolutions 9 and 10.


Use the checklist below to ensure all documents and requirements have been completed.

  • A copy of your DD2345 Certification (prerequisite for membership). Those without a current DD2345 can find the form and instructions at the link listed below. For a brief overview of this form, please consider watching the video below.
  • If operating under Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI), include the letter from the Defense Security Service (DSS) which approved your mitigation plan or Special Security Agreement, or a sign copy of the Export Compliance Acknowledgement Form.


The majority of applicants can expect approval within a few days; a little longer if additional information is needed.

If you have questions or need any assistance completing this process please contact;
Danielle Graf at,843.760.3337
Chris Bergner at, 843-760-3325.

Leslie Allen