Altagrove delivers smart and innovative technology solutions that create competitive advantage for our customers and their mission. Our focus areas include Connectivity, Cloud, Space, Cyber, Analytics and the overlap of these disciplines to optimize wireless infrastructures and enhance end-user experience.  Our capabilities are directly relevant to the development of spectrum-related technology in that we design and implement platforms and systems that leverage diverse forms of wireless communications to securely transfer data from the remote edge to enterprise data centers.

Our Project Highlights include:

  • Technical and strategy support to DoD airborne ISR missions.
  • Multi-sensor data mining, analytics, and aggregation.
  • Satellite Communications (SATCOM) spectrum planning and optimization.
  • Next-Generation SATCOM architecture and technology development.

Our Technical Expertise includes:

  • Spectrum Planning, Management and Optimization.
  • Spectrum Situational Awareness (SA), Spectrum Command & Control (C2).
  • SATCOM Architecture Design, Payload Management, and Link Budget Analysis.
  • Spectrum Data Mining, Analytics, Efficient Storage, and Transfer.
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) Integration for Resilient Radio Platforms.


590 Grove Street, #1109
Herndon, VA 20170

Point of Contact

Andrew Beegan