Applied Technology, Inc. (ATI) is a small business headquartered in King George, VA.  Its primary business areas are: (1) research, development, engineering, and program management services to Department of Defense (DoD) customers, primarily the U.S. Navy, and (2) hardware design, development, and fabrication.  ATI has subject matter experts in several areas, including infrared (IR), laser, radio frequency (RF), electronic warfare countermeasures; electromagnetic spectrum operations, directed energy, including high energy lasers (HELs) and high power microwave technologies; missile systems, particularly IR and RF seekers; surveillance systems; signature control technology; energetics; and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense.  ATI has been contracted to provide services and products at Navy labs, Systems Commands, Naval Warfare Centers, Fleet support activities, and other DoD agencies.

ATI’s managers have successfully run several high technology and Fleet support companies and Government technical and operational entities as both contractor and/or previous government employee.  ATI uses mature contract management methodologies to provide successful, efficient contract start-up or transition, project monitoring, project control mechanisms, and accounting and reporting systems, and ATI deals promptly and cost-effectively with contract administration and workload fluctuations.  ATI closely adheres to FAR, DCAA, and other sets of relevant regulations.

ATI has successfully served as the prime contractor for the design, development, integration, testing, installation, and operational use of many sensors and systems for surface Navy use.  These have included IR and laser countermeasures, signature technology techniques, force protection sensors and systems, and HEL systems.


5200 Potomac Drive
King George, VA 22485

Point of Contact

William Taczak, Jr.