CNF Technologies (CNF) is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) headquartered in San Antonio, TX, minutes away from the National Security Agency (NSA) and 16th Air Force (AFCYBER). They have a 15-year track record of excellence at innovating, researching, and transitioning emerging technologies to operational users in Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO), Electronic Warfare (EW), SIGINT, and Signal Processing applications. Current CNF clients

include AFCYBER, AFRL, MARFORCYBER, DARPA, and USCYBERCOM. Through these customers, we are actively researching, developing, and deploying capabilities to multiple CNMF teams for real-world operations. CNF holds a Top-Secret facility clearance and operates a fully accredited Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) in San Antonio, with access to secure communications and data processing up to the TS/SCI level. On-going research and development areas include:

  • Frameworks for Embedded Systems Development – Developing and leveraging open-source frameworks for heterogeneous embedded systems development to enable more efficient, scalable, and reusable software development for embedded devices like FPGA, GPP, GPU, etc. in support of signal processing, RF applications, and hardware acceleration
  • Software Defined Radio – Design and development of SDR applications using OpenCPI, GNU Radio, and REDHAWK as components of systems for signal collection, processing, converged EW/Cyber, and multi-domain operations
  • Tactical Anti-Jam Technologies – Leveraging waveform simulators and embedded systems to develop technologies to autonomously defeat adversary electronic attack against future software defined radios employed at the tactical edge
  • Instrumentation & Testing in Heterogeneous Environments – Delivering automated testing and continuous integration pipelines across traditional deployment environments as well as embedded systems, in highly-virtualized and distributed cloud-based instantiations
  • Foundational Tools and Access Techniques – Continual research to develop new access methodology and capabilities for future development into OCO/DCO tools
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning – Developing AI/ML techniques to enhance human understanding of the cyber battlespace and orchestrate operations


9415 Dugas Dr
San Antonio, TX 78245

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