CRFS provides rugged deployable systems to detect, identify and geolocate signals in complex RF environments. We provide end-to-end automated solutions for: spectrum management, deconfliction, interference hunting, threat detection & emitter geolocation. Our intelligent RFeye receiver technology and advanced analytics are widely deployed worldwide by military, intelligence, law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Our systems have been designed to meet the needs of modern spectrum management and Electronic Warfare. All RFeye systems are entirely passive, undetectable, and provide automated capabilities that eliminate much of the tedious and error prone manual aspects of comprehensive RF domain situational awareness. Extensive front-end processing by our RFeye Nodes and Direction Finding (DF) arrays minimize network demands while increasing responsiveness.  The RFeye system delivers actionable intelligence in real time while simultaneously collecting spectrum data for detailed forensic analysis. The RFeye autonomous distributed architecture increases battlespace resilience and minimizes communication bandwidth load.

Key capabilities include: RFeye Nodes – Spectrum monitoring, signal detection and Time-Difference-of-Arrival (TDOA) emitter geolocation; DF Arrays – emitter geolocation via AoA with simultaneous spectrum monitoring and TDOA emitter geolocation; Drone and aircraft geolocation and tracking – Passive advanced 3D wide area multilateration; RF Recording – Wide bandwidth long duration IQ capture;  Signal Analysis –  Detailed analysis for COMINT/ELINT.


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