Our core business is helping our clients trust, track and find the most important things in their life. This means we monitor the movement, storage and delivery of material on its journey to where it’s needed, enabling enhanced predictability of arrival and retrieval if lost. This means when it does arrive, we provide a variety of mechanisms to not only validate that the materiel is authentic, but nearly unlimited means by which the recipient, regardless of role, can learn about the item’s provenance, learn how to effectively use it, report a problem, or other useful interactions and engagements, all based on that item’s unique identifier.

LocatorX has technical expertise in the following areas: Software design and development in cloud platforms, J2EE application architecture and implementation, JavaScript libraries (React, Angular, etc.), DBMS both relational and NoSQL, RESTFUL APIs, SOC/ASIC architecture, design, and integration.


1155 Perimeter Center West
Atlanta, GA 30338

Point of Contact

Bruce Candebat