History shows past cryptographic transitions can take years, even decades to complete. As companies and government agencies begin to brace for the age of quantum computing, and with it the greatest cryptographic transition in the history of computing, IT leaders are looking for practical, affordable, and scalable solutions to ensure their data is protected, business resilient, and network infrastructure quantum-ready.

Quantum Xchange has reimagined data encryption and key delivery with its unique zero-trust architecture and next-generation key distribution platform, Phio Trusted Xchange. The FIPS-validated, quantum-safe, out-of-band key delivery system addresses the vulnerabilities with classic encryption and the quantum threat at once. The first-of-its-kind technology closes vulnerability gaps of Public Key Encryption (PKE) by decoupling key generation and delivery from data transmissions; supports quantum keys from any source, protected by any method (PQC, QKD, QRNG); leverages its out-of-band symmetric key delivery technology to make classical encryption keys instantly quantum-safe with its key-encrypting-key approach; embraces modern security best practices including continuous key rotation where on-demand, ephemeral key pairs are dynamically regenerated on every transfer; and can operate over any TCP/IP connection to deliver keys across any network, anywhere on the planet. Combined, these features dramatically enhance the security of your existing crypto infrastructure and future-proofs your data and communications networks from quantum attacks.

Vendor agnostic, platform independent and available in a variety of deployment options to meet the budgetary and business requirements of any organization, Phio TX is a sound security investment that gives IT leaders peace-of-mind knowing their cryptographic infrastructures, valuable data, and communications networks are better protected today and in the quantum future.


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