NSC Open RAN Reports: U.S. Resources, Capabilities and Use Cases

Open Radio Access Network (RAN) systems have the potential to bolster U.S. leadership in wireless networking technology, a key component of nearly every new modern infrastructure, security, and defense system under development today. Truly open, interoperable wireless networking systems will increase the pace of technology development, lower the costs of complex infrastructure systems, and provide flexibility to both government and commercial network operators.

To help unlock the full potential of Open RAN for 5G, Beyond 5G, and 6G, the NSC Open RAN Advisory Group has developed two reports: U.S. Resources and Capabilities for Accelerating Open RAN and Open RAN Use Cases.

The first report is a study of facilities across the U.S. that can deliver the testing, development, and prototyping resources needed for Open RAN. It outlines the requirements for Open RAN test and integration facilities to grow and scale the ecosystem in the U.S. The latter explores the benefits, both current and potential, of Open RAN technologies and use cases.