Want to interact with the NSC but don’t have a specific project or prototype need?

We are happy to serve as a resource! Member participation may vary depending on their other ongoing activities and/or interest in your specific topic, but we welcome the opportunity to support Government organizations’ engagement with Consortium members on technical or policy questions that fall within our areas of expertise. Example interactions include:

  • Market research discussions to provide deeper insight into the state of the art in a given technical area;
  • Brainstorming around potential technical solutions for a given problem set;
  • Vetting of draft requirements, policy documents, or other products that could benefit from multiple technical perspectives across industry, academia, and non-profits;
  • Member perspectives on an existing policy or analytic document; or
  • Technical approaches to achieve or inform operational concepts.

Because all Consortium members are already under contract with the US Government through the OTA, the legal framework is already in place to enable robust interaction with the membership.

The range and depth of conversations is much broader than might be allowed with other industry groups, associations, or private sessions. The NSC can support written responses, virtual interactive sessions, or in-person exchanges, depending on what best meets your needs. If you would benefit from interacting with the NSC, please don’t hesitate to reach out; we do more than just deliver successful prototypes!