Why Join

If you’re interested in any of the following, the National Spectrum Consortium would be a good fit for you:

  • Collaborating with senior government officials to help shape 5G and electromagnetic spectrum requirements
  • Obtaining greater visibility into government needs and priorities
  • Securing funding to conduct R&D and deliver prototypes
  • You’re a small or non-traditional company and want to partner with larger companies
  • You’re a large company and want to partner with smaller or non-traditional companies who have innovative ideas
  • Networking with leaders from industry, academia, and government
  • You develop 5G or 5G-based technologies such as:


Internet of Things

Autonomous Material Transport

Smart Warehouses


Autonomous Vehicles

Cloud Computing

Edge Computing

Smart Depots & Bases

Supply Chain Management

Autonomous Ships

Health Status Monitoring 

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Remote Surgery

Instant Translation

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing



Membership Benefits

  • Networking opportunities with other industry and academia members, as well as government stakeholders, during annual membership meetings and various other conferences and forums
  • Affords greater visibility into the government needs and priorities; provides increased ability to leverage IR&D investments to meet those needs
  • Creates a channel for small companies and non-traditional suppliers to identify opportunities and establish customer relationships
  • Operates through a flexible contracting vehicle capable of multiple taskings with a single set of terms
  • Minimizes cash flow challenges through rapid, single-point contracting capability of the Consortium Management Firm (CMF) and advanced payments for approved projects from the Government to CMF


Our diverse membership base has been key to our early success as a consortium.

Small Businesses (133)
Large Businesses (61)
Academic Research Institutions (23)
Not-For-Profits (8)
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